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If you are looking for Supremo coffee 17/18, it’s because you know that coffee beans from Colombia have a unique and rich flavor profile, which has made them a popular choice among coffee aficionados. 

The ideal growing conditions in the country, including high-altitude regions, fertile soil, abundant rainfall, and stable temperatures, combined with the coffee farmer’s expertise and attention to detail contribute to the exceptional quality of these coffee beans. 

Now that you know why Colombian coffee is so good. We want to make sure you understand the concept behind Supremo coffee beans.

What are Supremo Coffee Beans?

In Colombia, coffee beans are sorted by size and shape using machines that are specifically designed for this purpose. The beans are separated into 2 different grades based on their size. Supremo refers to beans that pass through screens sizes 19, 18, and 17. At the same time, Excelso coffee beans are smaller and pass through screens sizes 16,15 and 14. 

So you see…. It is all about the size and the shape, which of course are very important. But this means that any coffee variety, regardless of its flavor or aroma, can be classified as Supremo.  And this is why you need to make sure, that you buy Supremo coffee beans which have that chocolaty and nutty flavor with a hint of fruitiness and bright acidity, that creates a well-rounded and satisfying cup of coffee.

This is why we are the coffee suppliers you are looking for. We got Supremo coffee beans that have the right size and shape, but also all the other characteristics that Colombian coffee is so famous for. 

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