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We are a group of coffee growers from the Tolima region in the Colombian Andes. Most of our coffee farms are located near a small village called Dantas between 1,700 and 2,000 MASL. Our mission is to grow and export the best Arabica coffee beans. 

We have developed a standard process that allows us to produce great-quality coffee every single harvest. And we are constantly experimenting with new and different fermentation and drying techniques, to improve our already high cupping scores.

As green coffee suppliers, we are aware that most of our clients are small coffee roasters that do not have the capacity to import coffee themselves, for this reason, we have partnerships with coffee importers in the main coffee markets, to offer the possibility to handle the entire logistics process and deliver the coffee to their doorstep.

If you are a coffee wholesaler or a roaster looking for large quantities of excelso UGQ or EP  coffee we can help you. We have great coffee blends that can match all your requirements. 

Some of the coffee varieties we produce for the specialty coffee market and that we export to Europe, USA, and China are Java, Wush Wush, Geisha, Bourbon, Castillo and Caturra. We also have Organic and sugarcane decaf coffee.

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