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Which of the three types of Bourbon are you looking for? We imagine that you already know that there are two main varieties of the Bourbon coffee plant; red bourbon and yellow bourbon. And then there is a third variety which is the pink bourbon, the result of crossing the two main ones.

Each one of these three varieties has particular characteristics and properties, and we know that today it is difficult to find bourbon coffee suppliers, since, in addition to being very susceptible to diseases, the trees have a very low yield. For this reason, coffee growers prefer to cultivate other varieties that are more resistant and have much higher production, such as the Caturra variety.

But don’t worry, you just came to the right place. We are the specialty coffee suppliers you were looking for. We are located in the Tolima region and together with producers from the Huila region, we can supply bourbon coffee beans continuously throughout the year. We produce coffee through washed, natural, and honey processes. 

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